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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Windows 8 Gaining Speed Among Desktop OS Web Traffic

10:30 AM By Anita Ofori , , , No comments

Windows8 continues to claw its way up the OS ranks, while Windows XP keeps losing its grip.
Stats released Tuesday by Web tracker Net Applications gave Windows 8 an 8.02 percent slice of all desktop OS Web traffic for September. That number was up from 7.41 percent in August and 5.4 percent in July.
At the same time, Windows XP continues to shed its once-dominant position. For September, XP scored a 31.4 percent share, down from 33.6 percent in August and 37.1 percent in July.
In first place, Windows 7 has shown a resurgence in recent months, taking home a share of 46.4 percent in September, 45.6 percent in August, and 44.4 percent in July.
Windows8.1, which debuted as a preview edition in late June and will officially launch on October 18, accounted for 0.87 percent of September's desktop OS Web traffic. That was up from 0.24 percent the previous month.
In the mobile OS arena, Apple's iOS remained firmly on top last month with a 53.6 percent share. However, its hold on the market has been dropping steadily over the past year, according to Net Applications' data. In September of 2012, iOS's share was more than 63 percent.
Android has been moving slowly up the charts, especially during the past few months. For September, Google's mobile OS captured a share of 29.4 percent, up from 28.1 percent last month and 25.2 percent in July.


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